Kolton Holbrook Headshot

Kolton Holbrook

Audio Assistant

As a Junior Audio Assistant, Kolton supports the audio team on various projects, bringing his skills and passion for interactive music to LifeScore.Prior to LifeScore, Kolton honed his audio skills as a freelancer composer and audio engineer. His past projects include music and audio for apps, games, films, and interactive experiences. He’s worked in both studio and live settings and played percussion for a variety of ensembles. In addition to his audio background, Kolton spent years in the software industry developing his technical skillset. Previous projects include configuring and troubleshooting client systems, designing automation routines, and working with machine learning and computer vision in a medical setting.Kolton received a Master’s degree in Music Technology from Southern Utah University with a focus on interactive and dynamic audio systems.When not working on music or audio projects, Kolton spends his time baking, gaming, and traveling.