Mo Ezderman Headshot

Mo Ezderman

VP of Engineering

Mo brings over 20 years of unique experience as a technology visionary. He had led cross-functional initiatives spanning software engineering, product, and design. Mo possesses deep expertise in building large-scale applications driven by data intelligence, cloud architecture, system integrations, media streaming, games development, and product innovation.Mo’s accomplishments have been driven by combining his passion for technology with solving social and humanity-centric challenges. In his previous role, he lead the partnership between Thorn and the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children to build a state-of-the-art, AI powered applications that detect and prevent child sexual abuse on the internet. This technology helped law enforcement to identify an average of 8 victims per day.Before joining Thorn, Mo’s role at the leading cyber security organization, HUMAN, humanized the internet by hunting down malicious botnets, dismantling them, and working with the FBI to hold crime organizations accountable. During his time at HUMAN, he helped take down one of the largest fraud operations in the advertising industry.Mo spent several years designing and building social games at Nickelodeon, Zynga, and OMGPOP. He was part of a team that was responsible for the fastest-growing mobile game on iOS, Draw Something, which was later acquired by Zynga.Mo loves seamlessly augmenting the physical world with technology and often experiments with IoT projects. As a teenager, Mo played the flute for 8 years and was invited to join a 50-piece classical wind band who toured across Europe for 4 summers.